Highlighted Speakers

social sciences conference

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Trinh

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba Trinh studied extensively in the field of Biochemistry at Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (Vietnam), then expanded his research to the field of philosophy and published the work “Convergent Philosophy” (2019). Dr. Nguyen Ba Trinh is an Academic member of the Philosophy Unit of the Academy of Education-Research and World Academic Association, Athens, Greece.

social sciences conference

Dr. Dian Damayanti

Dr. Dian Damayanti is a Head of the Global Division of International Education and researcher at the Ilomata Foundation and the Institute of Social Sciences and Management STIAMI at Dki Jakarta, Indonesia. She has been awarded many Certificate of Appreciations for her outstanding accomplishments in various programs and positions. She is also a valued scholar member of the editorial board/review committee/ 38th IBIMA Conference: 3-4 November 2021, Seville, Spain, expert panel of several research journals and conferences, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Economy and management engineering and EAI publisher.

social sciences conference

Dr. Claudia Landolfi

Claudia Landolfi is an Italian philosopher and essayist. She gained a MA in Philosophy and a MA in Psychology.  She is a Ph.D. in Ethics, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law. She held noumeorous international conferences, and she worte books and essays in english and italian language. Her approach to the analysis of contemporary is multidisciplinary, from Art to Neurosciences, from Ethics to Media studies, from Affective turn to Posthuman. The focus is on the components of psyche and its affective expressions in relation to norms and digital governmentality.

Ms. Namrata Shokeen

Namrata Shokeen is a Research Author at the Department of Sociology, Monk Prayogshala, India. Her current research interests straddle around the sociology of education, caste, and gender issues in India.

Ms. Rafidah Abd Karim

Rafidah Abd Karim is a Senior Lecturer at Academy of Language Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. She has published more than 60 publications mainly in mobile technology, digital mind mapping, language learning, gender and indigenous studies in both national and international level published by various publishers.