Shikha Bhardwaj

Prof. Shikha Bhardwaj

Prof. Shikha Bhardwaj working as assistant Professor in the area of HR-OB at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Sambalpur. With 16 years of experience in research, teaching and training. Her research interests are entrepreneurial psychology, work life integration, people side in small business and family business.

Dr. Rong Zhang

Dr. Rong Zhang

Dr. Rong Zhang is currently a professor at Nishinippon Institute of Technology, Japan. She received her doctor degree from Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University, Japan. Her research interests include foreign language education, globalization and intercultural communication study.


Dr. Dian Damayanti

Dr. Dian Damayanti is a Head of the Global Division of International Education and researcher at the Ilomata Foundation and the Institute of Social Sciences and Management STIAMI at Dki Jakarta, Indonesia. She has been awarded many Certificate of Appreciations for her outstanding accomplishments in various programs and positions. She is also a valued scholar member of the editorial board/review committee/ 38th IBIMA Conference: 3-4 November 2021, Seville, Spain, expert panel of several research journals and conferences, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Economy and management engineering and EAI publisher.

Dr. Claudia Landolfi

Dr. Claudia Landolfi is an Italian philosopher and essayist. She is a Ph.D. in Ethics, Political  Philosophy and Philosophy of Law. She gained a MA in Philosophy and a MA in Psychology.

Mr. José María Rentería

José María Rentería is currently PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Previously, he has worked in Peru doing research at the Ministry of Education, the National Bureau of Statistics, and the Institute of Peruvian Studies. His topics of interest include education, inequalities, and the labor market.

Mr. Konstantinos Rizos

Konstantinos is a certified Behaviour Analyst and a Qualified Teacher who joined Forest Bridge School in 2016. Konstantinos is highly specialized in developmental disorders, with European and international presence in conferences and publications in learning disabilities journals and with a special research interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders and education strategies.

Mr. Pierre Brocas

Since joining Forest Bridge School in 2016, Pierre has been participating in studies related to identifying strategies that work best for pupils with developmental disabilities. Pierre is a Qualified Teacher with an interest in developing research opportunities for secondary pupils’ education and learning strategies with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.

MSC. Juan David Cruz Negrete

International Business Professor at Universidad del Magdalena (Colombia). Master in Management (Deusto Business School), Investment Projects Specialist, and Degree in International Business. Researcher in Corporate Sustainability issues. Professional Experience in India, Spain, Singapore and Colombia; and speaker in international conferences developed in Kong Kong, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Netherlands, Colombia, Canada, etc.

Ms. Fowokemi Alaba Ogedengbe

BSc Accounting (Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria). MSc Int’l Accounting (Universiti Utara Malaysia).
PhD scholar, Audit and Accounting Information System, TISSA, Universiti Utara Malaysia.
Area of research: Shadow IT, and cloud information system

Mr. Suanmuanlian Tonsing

Suanmuanlian Tonsing is a doctoral student, Junior Research Fellow (JRF), at the Centre for the Study of Social Systems (CSSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India. His research interests include the anthropology of the state, digital anthropology, media and communications, cultural studies, sociology of body, and ethnicity. His forthcoming paper will appear in the reputed journal Discourse and Communications. Some of his other works also feature in RePLITO, and Doing Sociology.

Mrs. Marie Romy Nketchatang

Marie Romy Nketchatang was born March 20, 1995 in Douala, engineer by profession as a teacher at the University of Douala in Cameroon.  Researcher in social science more precisely on conflict management in Africa. 

Ms. Cynthia Sorelle Banidja Ngalaken

Cynthia Sorelle Banidja Ngalaken was born in October 21, 1991 in Douala.  holder of a master’s degree in management, employee at ABC INVEST Ltd, president of (AFII) Association for the fight against illegal immigration and researcher in social sciences and management and member of civil society.