Oral Presentation

Oral presentations are given at the venue of the event. The presenter is physically present to deliver a verbal presentation to the audience. Most of the presenters choose to supplement their speech with a series of slides.

Poster Presentation

As a poster presenter, you will be provided a dedicated space at the event to display your work in the form of a poster. While there is not formal presentation to accompany your poster, you should be ready to provide explanations and answer questions in relation to the material presented on your poster.

Virtual Presentation

The virtual presentation opens doors for the presentation and publication of your paper without physically attending the conference. Similar to regular presentations, all accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceeding with DOI and ISBN numbers.

ICARSS 2023 will feature various presentation methods, utilizing the latest technology to make sure that the audience is exposed to the most relevant content and is not bound by geographical limitations.